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The Art of Korean Buddhist Food. 

Korean Monks are promoting healthy, creative and beautiful way of eating food with showing appreciation. Everything that you see in this picture are all made with Vegetable and wild roots. 

Enjoy the beauty of Korean Buddhism cuisine. 




Well, I do have a bartender character, so I should be familiar with these. Strictly for research purposes. Of course that research includes tasting these as well.

I fucking love the way this was made as an infographic

too bad I only drink like twice a year lol

Oh my god I want a margarita so bad right now. And I want to try all of these I haven’t tried yet. (Esp. the Zombie omg yummmm.) Maybe AFK will make me a Pussee Cafe if I call it a Rainbow Road or something. X3

(Although… that is the saddest rum and coke I ever did see. No-no-no you only use enough coke to make it look coke-colored. The rest is rum. And Private Stock at least, not white rum, bleh. XD)

I don’t drink, LOL, but this is too pretty an inforgraphic not to reblog.

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