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Well, I do have a bartender character, so I should be familiar with these. Strictly for research purposes. Of course that research includes tasting these as well.

I fucking love the way this was made as an infographic

too bad I only drink like twice a year lol

Oh my god I want a margarita so bad right now. And I want to try all of these I haven’t tried yet. (Esp. the Zombie omg yummmm.) Maybe AFK will make me a Pussee Cafe if I call it a Rainbow Road or something. X3

(Although… that is the saddest rum and coke I ever did see. No-no-no you only use enough coke to make it look coke-colored. The rest is rum. And Private Stock at least, not white rum, bleh. XD)

I don’t drink, LOL, but this is too pretty an inforgraphic not to reblog.

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